The answer is “yes” if the 6 Elements of a Successful Campaign are in alignment. If the answer is “no” then you need a feasibility study. Plain and simple.


1.     DOLLAR GOAL - You have a significant building project, program growth, and/or endowment need and you have a specific budget to meet these needs.


2.     YOUR CASE - You know how to connect these needs to a larger story about an even more powerful future for your community.


3.      DONORS - You have strong relationships with at least 60 donors who could make the largest gifts to your campaign and know how you will reach your goal.


4.     LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE – You have a group of community leaders (even 3-4 for starters) made up of board members and others who believe in this project and will help guide it to success.


5.     STAFF AND SYSTEMS – You know who on your team will be responsible for soliciting gifts, thinking strategically about the campaign, and managing the documents and systems to keep things organized (or you are prepared to bring on additional help).


6.     TIMING – You have figured out when to start your campaign, how long it will take, when you will “go public.”