We believe in a world where people help people, where you can work hard but that’s not the only value to value.


We hold these truths to be self-evident…that these seven values motivate us to do our best work


1.     Dreaming

We are in the dream business. Remarkable things happen when dreams and philanthropy meet.

We help nonprofits aspire to their dreams by inspiring the dreams of donors.


Any fundraising project that is important enough to take your time and attention requires a dream as its foundation. We bring the dreams into broad daylight for our nonprofit clients.


2.     Bold and Brave

And appropriately so. Shrinking violets can’t raise money. To do bold things you need to take risks. When money, jobs, and communities are involved those risks need to be calculated.


Bold vision, bold actions, truth to power. A consulting firm that gets results needs to be bold when making plans with its nonprofit clients. We don’t settle for less. We value your success over us looking good. And we tell it like we see it.


3.     Integrity

Can you really make a positive impact in the world if your thoughts, words and deeds don’t align? For instance, the positive impact you are making in your neighborhood needs to carry over to a positive working environment. Otherwise, is it really a positive impact? We’re trying to be our best selves daily and we expect that of the people we work with.


4.     Optimists

The glass is full. End of story.


5.     Kindness

Dreaming, boldness, bravery, integrity must be delivered with heart. Do we ever get upset, frustrated, or angry? You bet. But we keep coming back to kindness. It’s our default setting.


6.     Remain Calm

OK, we’re not too good at this, but we try. You’ve heard it before: Don’t sweat the small stuff (it’s all small stuff). We breathe, we work, we work too hard, we rest, we play. And…repeat.


7.     Very Humble / Humility

Did we mention that we’re also funny?