Our work with nonprofits is always hands-on.  Sometimes the best way to help a development professional or executive director is through targeted coaching on their specific fundraising challenges.  We do this via phone or Skype calls usually lasting 60 minutes each, several times each month to help move the fundraising process forward.

You can’t run a capital campaign or feasibility study with coaching alone, but it is great for many other fundraising situations.

Heller Fundraising Group provides transformational training on Capital Campaigns and Major Gift Fundraising to nonprofit staff members, boards of directors, campaign committees, and groups of nonprofit leaders. 

Our training sessions are tailored to the needs and skill level of your organization – from introductory to advanced concepts.  We find that nonprofit professionals at all skill levels benefit from stepping back and thinking about the process they use day after day.

All of our training sessions are hands-on.  We include template documents that you need to organize for success, practice sessions with mock phone calls and donor meetings, as well as trouble shooting tips from real world experiences.

Training format varies depending on your needs, from a lunchtime overview, to half-day and full-day sessions as well a year-long programs. 



Training Session Description:

Are you on the cusp of a substantial building or renovation project? Do you need to grow your programs or your endowment (who doesn’t)?

Many nonprofit leaders facing these challenges are not prepared for the rigors of a capital campaign that can provide the funding. We help you analyze and prepare the 6 Key Ingredients for Capital Campaign success: Case for Support, Dollar Goal, Donors, Steering Committee, Systems, Timing.

These tools can be used for any size campaign but those who are considering a $5 million+ project will especially benefit. 

The training will give you tools to evaluate exactly how ready you are for your campaign and will return to your office knowing the next steps you need to take for success.
Training Session Audience:
Executive Directors, Develop Directors, Major Gift Officers, Board Members



Program Description:

Regardless of a nonprofit’s mission or fundraising diversification, if there is no plan in place to identify, cultivate, and solicit major gifts from individuals, you are leaving vital funds untapped. Successful nonprofits possess an ability to connect with wealthy individuals who happily support their cause. How do nonprofits do this, and how can your organization transition from government and/or foundation dependency to include major gifts, and to even make these into your top gifts?
We use the “3 Easy Steps” to orient fundraisers to the process of major gift fundraising. This is a hands-on training using concepts that will be practiced and discussed as a group.
The 3 Easy Steps:
1. Get Organized
2. Schedule Donor Meetings
3. Meet the Donor and Ask

This training puts tools in each participant’s hands: 

• Powerful strategies to Close Major Gifts from individual donors;

• Motivation to go back to the office with the Next Step Plans for your Top Prospects;

• Organize your major gift work for success using a Major Gift Tool Kit;

• Comfort making phone calls and sending emails to Secure Major Gift Meetings;

• Knowledge of What to Say in each Major Gift meeting;


Watch Segments of Our Training Programs here (link to Youtube)