Major Gift Breakthrough Training


Our Major Gift Breakthrough Training is based on the concept of 3 Easy Steps to Asking for a Major Gift from Individuals.  These 3 Easy Steps help you focus on developing the specific skills needed in each part of the Major Gift process.

Step One:  Get Organized               

Step Two:  Schedule Your Meeting

   Step Three: Meet the Donor and Ask

Our training sessions are tailored to the needs and skill level of your organization – from introductory to advanced concepts.  We find that Major Gift fundraisers at all skill levels benefit from stepping back and thinking about the process they use day after day.

All of our training sessions are hands-on.  We include template documents that you need to organize for success, practice sessions with mock phone calls and donor meetings, as well as trouble shooting tips from real world experiences.


In-Person Major Gift Breakthrough Training

Half-Day / Full-Day

These sessions allow for a deep dive into the material.  We study and practice the tools you need to use in the office; techniques for securing meetings; and the art of building personal relationships with Major Gift donors.


Multi-Session Major Gift Breakthrough Training Programs

Up to 12 Months

Whether you work at a large organization with a team of Major Gift Officers, or a nonprofit that is just about to enter Major Gift fundraising, it is often beneficial to have a sustained training program carried out over up 12 months.

Our year-long programs are customized to your organization’s needs.  The format is usually a combination of several in-person training sessions, ongoing phone coaching, and a system of peer mentoring.

For advanced fundraising teams, our goal is to provide training and support to continue to maximize your effectiveness.  The training program provides a solid support system for sharpening and practicing advanced tools.


Webinars / Introductory Presentations

The Major Gift Breakthrough Training concepts are perfect for 60-90 minute introductory presentations to small or large groups.  We do these in-person as well as through webinars.  We typically explain all 3 Easy Steps so that participants will understand the Major Gift process from start to end.  Sometimes we do a deep dive on just one step tailored to the needs of the group.

Please contact us to discuss details that suit your needs. 

From The Foundation Center:  "Thank you for a terrific presentation yesterday! I heard nothing but positive feedback from participants afterwards – everyone seemed to learn a great deal, and I think they really enjoyed all of the interactive elements. We had 70 attendees, which is a great turnout...we hope to have you back again in the future!"




Peter in Action at The Foundation Center

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to ask a prospective donor to meet with you to talk about your organization. Here's some tips from our recent training "How to Ask for Big Gifts in 3 Easy Steps - This is Step 2 - Part 1 - Schedule Meeting by Phone.







Fundraising Explained in 12 Minutes

We use familiar geometric shapes as a technique to understand and simplify elements of fundraising campaigns and annual programs.  This is a great introduction to the principals of fundraising that will inspire newcomers and those who want to re-focus their game. 

Training includes a brief historic perspective, examination of the fundraising pyramid (geometry is everywhere!), and discussion of common missed opportunities.   




Fundraising:  Board Engagement

Does every board member need to fundraise?   If so, what does that involve and what if I’m uncomfortable with fundraising? 

Not all board fundraising requires asking your friends for money.  There are many other important things to do!  Figuring out how to engage the board in fundraising and how to make it enjoyable, even meaningful, is vital to every nonprofit’s success.  However, the specific tasks for board members and the needed skills are often misunderstood and even feared.

We look at the universe of options for board fundraising engagement, outlining the pros and cons of various actions, and engage in discussion at each training to tailor board involvement.


Fundraising Intelligence Training

An introductory training for new staff, new organizations, or recent additions to your board.  We cover the nonprofit fundraising landscape including definitions of nonprofit and fundraising terminology, sources of funding, where and how to focus most effort, and strategies for immediate success.

Many common questions are addressed, such as:

What is fundraising?  Is fundraising the same as grant writing?  How do nonprofits get money and raise money?  What’s the difference between a gift and a grant?  How can I get people interested in my cause?  What steps should I take now to start raising money?